You Found Us! One of Canada’s Top Gold & Silver Dealers

A trusted local store serving customers for 10+ years, now offering a mail-in option for Canadians coast to coast.

Local Business

A local business now offering a mail in option Canada wide.

Paid for Shipping

We pay for your shipping! We will send your prepaid label in the mail.

Transparent Payouts

We pay 30-50% more than most traditional brick and mortar cash for gold shops


All packages opened and evaluated on camera. There is even an option to schedule a video call.

Highest Payouts!

We pay 30-50% more for your gold and silver than most traditional/local cash for gold shops!

30% may not seem like a lot on $100 dollars ($30 more). But on a $1000 30% is $300! And at today’s high gold prices, it isn’t hard to get to $1000 in value.

Check out some examples of $1000 payouts in these photos!

“Understanding that not all regions of Canada have access to a well paying precious metals dealer, we expanded our online services by formalizing our purchasing process so that selling your items is safe and secure. Our goal is to offer all Canadians competitive pricing and fair pay for their items in a simple and trusted manner.”

Jake – Sales Representative @ Bullion Partners of Canada Ltd

Why Choose Us


Over the past 9-10 years we have had the pleasure dealing with thousands of Canadians coast to coast, recycling and retailing millions of dollars worth of precious metals annually.


Simple and effective fulfilment process, process captured on CCTV camera, and in-house state of the art metal testing equipment.


Constant contact throughout the entire process, no hassle no obligation quotes, and quick and easy settlement process.

Learn the Process to get paid today!

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